The Secret Garden Toolkit

The Secret Garden Toolkit is a set of instruments that encourage and support open-ended, stimulating play and active discovery outdoors, while contributing to the aesthetic sensitivity of the children and their interest for all the things that nature has to offer, regardless how small they are. More than a set of toys, the toolkit is the physicalization of a broader educational project. One that aims at providing the children with instruments and a framework for interdisciplinary learning inside and outside their school context.

The instruments, including among others a color palette, a flower press, a series of vessels and art tools for making and using pigments, as well as a camera that takes “serendipitous” pictures; are meant to spur kids to have a closer look at their natural surroundings and discover its hidden beauty, in a sort of romantic way that remind us of the work of ancient botanists. Engaging them in the act of appreciation towards nature and hopefully, making them future catalysts of a more sustainable, sensible and appreciative behaviour.

Developed for Garden Mania, an urban garden located in the area of Strijp-S in Eindhoven.







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