Medication adherence is low among elderly patients due to multiple reasons ranging from forgetfulness to the complexity of the treatments. And the situation can aggravate if the responsibility for the care related issues shifts from professional hands to the home environment, as it is the tendency in many countries including The Netherlands. So how can one use design to support medical adherence?

Simon is the embodiment of Caren, an online medical platform developed to bring together different actors playing a role in the patient’s care plan. Its tangible pages are an attempt to humanise 5000+ words worth of information by including an easy-to-read overview of what is important for the patients to know, which is not that much after all: their conditions, personalised goals, step by step instructions about drug intake and contact of professional and family caregivers in case of doubt, as well as space for a Q&A. A clear and simple, printed extract of a far more complex digital document, helping elderly patients to have a grasp of their prescription, and hopefully a higher adherence to it, making the task a little more human.

Group work developed in collaboration with NEDAP,  I was co-responsible for the research and concept development, as well as in charge of the document’s graphic design.