MISC. Toys

“What if there could be something that mixes the charm of wooden toys with the enchantment of the interactive ones?”

MISC. Toys is a duo of wooden playthings with a hidden magic behaviour. A pair of captivating, responsive companions that empower exploration through a series of hand gestures necessary to bring them to life, suggesting a particular form of interaction while keeping the toy flexible and playable in a variety of ways. Dare to squeeze its mushy jowls and you will be rewarded with a breeze of wind. Tickle the toy’s metallic “belly bottoms” and it will purr like a cheery cat. Providing the children with subtle sensory stimulation as a result of their interaction, MISC. Toys are meant to engage them in the holistic occupation of play, creating “eureka” moments that seem magic to them.

Developed for children with learning and other associated disabilities, 4 to 7 years old, the screenless interactive toys are tangible user interfaces that serve both as inputs and outputs, with no computers or devices involved in order to prioritise tactile, multi-sensory exploration of the play objects.

Developed in collaboration with Waag Society and Stichting ORION. Made at FabLab Amsterdam.

Follow bits of the design process by visiting miscmagictoys.tumblr.com



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