How might we contribute to a home environment adapted to the needs of the Alzheimer’s patient while keeping the environment liveable for the rest of the family members?

Helplite is a dual mirror and light therapy lamp. Thanks to an electrochromic glass, it can function as a mirror only when activated, remaining solely a source of full spectrum light at its regular state. The device addresses the confusion caused by prosopagnosia, an inability to recognise faces affecting 30 % of the patients with Alzheimer’s disease. It allows the family caregivers to make use of this basic household item while keeping an Alzheimer’s friendly home environment. My work comprised the design and engineering of the product in close collaboration with the manufacturer, including the development of a technical dossier and the construction of a fully working prototype.

Developed in collaboration with Pasqual Maragall Foundation based on a third-party concept, the graduation project was granted “Excellent” and it is expected to be developed by the Pasqual Maragall Foundation.



helplite-0 helplite-1